Build your own Hot Tub for Almost Nothing

When you go off-grid, you have to remember that life is about enjoying the moment, and not just about survival.    Your plot of land is hopefully going to be out in a location where you can lay back, look up at the stars, and actually see those stars in their glory, instead of having them all washed out by city lights.

What better way to enjoy that evening than in your own hot tub?  Now, you could go and spend thousands of dollars on buying a premade hot tub, and run the power to keep it running and the water hot, but that’s just not the Low-Budget way.

The video below shows what can be done with cob building.  This simple mixture of clay, sand and straw is used to build houses, ovens, and in this case, a hot tub, and is incredibly simple.  It can be time-consuming, but fun.

There are a lot of ways you could create a hot tub like this.  You could get an old bathtub and build cob around it, or you can do as the creator of this video did, and create the entire thing out of cob, and seal it with linseed oil.  You can shape the hot tub however you want, and make it as large as you want.  Your creativity is all that’s required.

In the case of the video, he uses a pump to circulate the water through the oven in order to heat the water.  My suggestion, if you want to go even lower cost, is to run a copper pipe from the bottom of the tub, coiled through the oven area, and out just below the water line at the top of the tub.  Convection will circulate the water naturally without needing electricity.

If you’re not familiar with cob, I recommend the Cob Builder’s Handbook, by Becky Bee.  In it, she details how to build with cob in detail, from the theory behind the technique, to the completion and sealing of cob to ensure it lasts for decades or centuries.  Below is a link to the book on Amazon if you want to learn more.

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