How to Build a Water Storage Tank for $200

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned low-budget methods of building a house, and of powering a house.  Today, we’re going to talk about water storage.

For any kind of permanent home, you’re going to need a source of water.  Wells can be incredibly expensive.  If you have a stream on the property you’ve found, then you’re doing well.  The final option, and one that I recommend for most people, is water catchment.

We have water fall out of the sky all the time, and all we need to do is catch it and store it.  Now, the easy way to deal with water storage is to buy a plastic tank, place it on your property, and fill it however you choose.  These water tanks will cost $600 – $1000 depending on their size, and are made of plastic, which I try to avoid if I can.

The low-budget method requires a little more work, but allows you to create a tank sized as you need it, using sustainable materials, and you can always build another if you need more storage.

I’ve provided a link to an instructable on how to build a water storage tank out of earthbags.  The total cost, according to them, is only $200.  Obviously, if you decide you need more than 1000 gallons, your cost will go up, but you can always start with one this size, and build another next to it, as many times as you need, until you have the storage capacity you want.

This post has been about storage.  In future posts, I’ll explain cheap ideas for filtration so your water is clean and drinkable, and simple systems for catchment.  Finally, we’ll need to do something with the water once you’ve used it.


$200 Earthbag Water Storage Tank Instructable

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