Proof That You Can Build a Home for $250

Once you’ve found a piece of land that you can build your off-grid home on, the next step is to build a home.  There have been a number of options that have been invented and rediscovered in the past few decades that have caught my attention.

One option that I found amazing was cob.  I’ve seen several examples of this building style, and the cost effective nature of cob kind of blew my mind.  It allows you to build a home using material found right at the location you’re building.  You buy little to no material, keeping your costs down considerably.

To show just how cost-effective cob can be, I found information about a gentleman that built a cob home for only $250.  It’s a simple, one-room home without indoor plumbing, but it shows the simplicity of the design, and allows you to see just how beautiful and natural a cob home can be.  With some of the other options we present on our blog for water, electricity, and heat, you can see how a larger, more self-sustaining home can be built and still maintain a very low cost.

Here is a video that shows this beautiful little cob home.  Take a look, and you’ll see the possibilities.


Part of the joy of going off-grid is the minimalist approach.  Being able to figure out what you really need to live and be happy is an amazingly freeing experience.

So, do you think you could live in a home like this?  Would you need more room?  Running water?  Electricity?  If not, then this home is for you.  If you do need those things, as most of us do, then check out the rest of our articles to show you how to do it.

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