Reasons for Creating Low-Budget Off-Grid

The other day, I was going through the many off-grid blogs out there, and realized that Low-Budget Off-Grid was fairly unique.

I’ve found that there are a few different kinds of off-grid blogs out there.

  1. There are the off-grid blogs of those that wanted to just live an easier, more self-sufficient lifestyle, so they sold their house and emptied their savings account, and bought a bunch of land, threw up some solar panels, and spent only $50k or so setting up their sustainable life, or
  2. They are off-grid sites that teach you how to prepare for living sustainably because the government will be declaring martial law any day now, or there will be some sort of natural disaster that will cause the complete breakdown of society.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not knocking either of these types of sites.  The first type of site is great for those that can afford to go that route, and if you have the money to spend to bring your off-grid utilities up to the same standard as you had before going off-grid, go for it.  The second type of site is important if you do believe that there’s a chance of society ending, and they will certainly help you prepare.

The thing is though, that I know a lot of people that don’t have that hefty savings account.  They don’t have a job that will allow them to put together significant amounts of money that they can use to buy a large amount of land, and a bunch of solar panels, and a contractor to build their off-grid home for them.  The people I know that want to go off-grid aren’t interested in doing it because they think society’s collapse will happen any minute.

Instead, they’re just people that are struggling with bills, struggling with debt, struggling with putting food on the table for their kids.  They’re people that want to go off-grid as cheaply as possible, because they don’t have any other way.  They’re people that are willing to put up with a bit of hardship for a while, and build systems slowly, so they can work while they build and live within their means.

I’m not a prepper.  Most prepper sites I’ve seen come at the idea from a right-wing viewpoint.  The viewpoint seems to be that godlessness is causing a breakdown of society, and will end with anarchy and war or something along those lines.  Now, I’m not knocking people for having a different viewpoint, as they’re entitled to believe as they do.  I do tend to agree with them that there is a growing breakdown in the way people treat each other, but my view is colored by my much more liberal viewpoint.  I believe that going off-grid and living sustainably is important because of issues with climate change, and with the increasing disparity in income that the working class are subjected to.  I believe that off-grid life can help ease the pain of those issues and try to bring things back on track.

I’ve seen information all over the internet on how to create certain systems cheaply, but the information is spread out everywhere, and there’s no easy place to track that information down.  I decided I wanted to compile all that information into one place.  I know I’m not the only one that needs this information, and I know that my friends aren’t the only ones I could share it with.  I know there are literally millions of people all over the US and the world that are struggling to make ends meet, and dreaming of going off-grid, and all I want to do is help make it easier for them.

This *is* possible.  Finding that piece of land to build on, and putting up a simple home, and powering it, and providing water, and feeding yourself and your family, and staying warm in the winter, and….  well, you get the idea.  Those things are all possible, and *anybody* can do them with the right mindset and determination.  Yes, it may require a major change in lifestyle to achieve, but it is attainable.

Together, we can all do this.

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