Start of a Visit

I mentioned in my History and Goals post that I had come down to Kansas for personal reasons, and that Amy would come down later.  Well, Amy isn’t yet able to come down here permanently, but she did get the chance to come down for a vacation.  We haven’t seen each other for almost 8 months, and we’re working hard on working out some problems that had caused me to head to Kansas early.

Yesterday afternoon, I picked Amy up from the Kansas City airport.  Reuniting was amazing, and while it was emotional, it was also wonderful because there’s a feeling of familiarity and comfort that I wasn’t expecting.

We drove home, stopping in Lawrence for a bit and took some pictures.  We’re both huge fans of the show Supernatural, and Lawrence, KS has significance in the show.

After that, we drove home, and I introduced Amy to my family in Kansas.  She’d talked to Brie online, but this was their first meeting.

This coming week will be fun.  I’m going to show Amy around town, and show her the land we’re going to be building on, and spend time with the family.  I’ll keep up on the blog posts, but they may be a bit shorter this week because I’ll be out and about.  I will take and post pictures though and keep everyone updated.

2 thoughts on “Start of a Visit

  1. Though the location is spoken of in the show, this is a Canadian show, filmed solely in British Columbia Canada.
    I’m not sure if you both knew this. However- being I stumbled upon this blog for other reasons- Wishing the two or family of yours great health.

    • Thanks for the comment. I know about where it’s filmed. I love that it’s filmed in Canada, but it was still fun to go to Lawrence anyways. 🙂

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