Why You Want to Raise Chickens

Simply put, when it comes to a food source that you can raise yourself, chickens are your best option.  They are relatively inexpensive to start up and cost almost nothing to care for once you have their initial costs taken care of.

Chickens can be raised in most cities, so if you’re not quite ready to go off-grid, this is a good starting point if you have a yard.  The chicks themselves cost a few dollars each, and you will need to buy chick feed, which costs under $10 in most places for a twenty-pound bag.  You can buy a feeder and waterer, or you can make your own.

Your largest initial expense will be to build a coop and a yard for them, and you can cut a lot of expense here too.  Building a coop can cost hundreds of dollars if you want to create something fancy, or you can repurpose old pallets and it will cost you a bag of nails.  If you have a fenced-off yard, you could allow them the full use of that yard, or you could buy chicken wire and give them a smaller area.  The choice is yours.

Once you have your chicken coop, and a yard set up for them, and your chickens are fed and watered and happy, there’s almost nothing to taking care of them. You let them out every day, and close up their coop when it gets dark, and in return, they’ll give you eggs.  Six or eight chickens is more than enough to make sure that a couple has enough eggs to eat every day.

Chickens lay eggs for an average of two years.  After that, you can choose to keep them as pets, or you can use them for food.  Chickens are a very healthy meat and high in protein.

So, in your off-grid adventure, if you’re looking for something to eat that doesn’t cost very much, requires little in the way of continuous care, and gives a great return, it would be a great idea to invest in half a dozen chickens.  If you want to earn an income from chickens and have your private plot of land, you could scale up a chicken operation to a few hundred chickens over time, and earn a living from them.

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